指导老师:Autumn Graves, 419-358-3421

总统 伊莎贝尔•米勒
副总统     Adrianny苏亚雷斯
秘书 约旦詹宁斯

The purpose of this organization is to enrich the campus community by offering students the opportunity to learn about Eastern culture through films and DVDs which portray 独特的宗教、神话、艺术和日本文化的历史.



指导老师:Chris Morrisey 

总统 安德里亚的负担
副总统 Zael科先生

勇敢的空间 is a student led organization that seeks to promote a positive and inclusive 通过努力提高对学生的认识和支持,营造良好的氛围 as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, on a continuum of sexual orientation and gender 以及他们的盟友(LGBT+).
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ysb体育官网app下载的拉拉队带领人群,支持他们的朋友和 同学们在足球和篮球比赛的场边.

More about cheerleading at Bluffton >



指导老师:Jason Swartzlander, 419-358-3406

The purpose of this organization is to make known and promote the principles of the Republican Party, to 援助 in the election of Republican candidates at all levels of government and to develop political skills and leadership abilities among Republican 为学生将来为党和社会服务做准备.

Currently, this club is inactive, but can be reestablished at any time with an increase 在学生兴趣方面.



指导老师:Brian Williams

ysb体育官网app下载的电子竞技俱乐部旨在创造一种既竞争又互助的氛围, environment in which students learn teamwork, leadership, strategy and real time problem 通过游戏活动和比赛解决问题. 我们的电子竞技组玩游戏 比如《ysb体育官方网站》、《ysb体育官方网站》、《ysb体育官方网站》、《ysb体育官网app下载》等等! 

Currently, this club is inactive, but can be reestablished at any time with an increase 在学生兴趣方面.

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指导老师:Zachary Walton, 419-358-3082

游戏俱乐部的目的是让ysb体育官网app下载的学生们聚在一起 其他和学习新的游戏(电子和桌面游戏). 我们会举办的活动 would be wind-down events for students to come and have fun playing games with others 通过结合棋盘,视频,卡牌和交易卡牌游戏. 





ysb体育官网app下载 性别视角 serves both women and men by creating community and by bringing about awareness of topics of interest to women through activism and 校园内外的宣传. 性别观点将参与外联和 提高意识的努力和倡导改变可能需要的地方 提高全体妇女的生活质量. 这是《ysb体育官网app下载》的核心 is the belief that no one member is more liable or responsible for the organization's 维护或活动.  所有成员都同等重要. 和ysb体育官网app下载的一致 policies of respect and non-exclusion, all ysb体育官网app下载的学生, whether female or male, 欢迎大家参与.

Currently, this club is inactive, but can be reestablished at any time with an increase 在学生兴趣方面.


指导老师:Michael Bryan

总统 Mackenzie马丁
副总统 奥利维亚Daughtery
秘书 艾玛·舒兹
财务主管 Sid刘易斯

大厅协会 works to promote harmonious living conditions through the development and enforcement of policies and the organization, promotion and supervision of social 以及各自宿舍的教育功能. 代表还 seek to provide feedback from residents to the director of residence 生活, vice president 学生事务和体育和/或学生委员会.




总统: 悉尼Trevino

国际交流为学生提供了一个多元文化的机会 to build relationships and cultural understanding through interaction with 朋友 来自世界各地. 所有ysb体育官网app下载学生都被邀请参加icon赞助的活动 活动和每周聚会在狮子和羔羊教室在低层 莱利法院.  每周发送一封电子邮件,让感兴趣的学生了解即将到来的多元文化 机会. 不仅要考虑如何从参与中获益,还要认识到这一点 你的经历和观点使他人受益. 欢迎您参与ICon 在你ysb体育官网app下载校园生活的任何时候. 带个朋友来!




Marbeck Activities Council (MAC), formerly known as Marbeck Center Board (MCB), serves as the main student programming group responsible for planning and executing events. The events are designed to cultivate community on campus through shared experiences.

While it operates out of Marbeck Center,  MAC programs many activities including craft nights, game nights and traditional campus favorites like Dam Jam and Finals Breakfast. Marbeck After Dark (MAD)活动每周五晚上9点举行.m. 卡拉ok和冰酪, Chipotle Night, Tie-Dye and The Roommate Challenge are just a few of the offerings 在学年期间. 此外,MAC还举办不同主题的宾果游戏 每隔星期一. 

MAC会员资格对所有专业和班级的学生开放. At
least two seats on the board are reserved for incoming first-year students starting in
秋季学期. 在MAC服务只是学生回答这个问题的另一种方式




指导老师:Sara Kisseberth, 419-358-3484 

J Denny and Jenny are ambassadors for athletics, admissions, advancement and student 生活. 你想穿上那套衣服吗? 海选每年在“揭秘”之后举行。 通常是在1月或2月. 
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指导老师:Leslie Beasley

总统 Brittney拉米雷斯
副总统 安德鲁马修
秘书 悉尼Trevino 
代表 安东尼·亚当斯,唐·肯尼迪,安吉尔·贝拉斯科·乌尔比纳,马利克·埃克尔斯,克里昂·博伊金

多元文化学生组织 is the sum of organizations formerly known as African 美国学生组织(AASO)和ysb体育官网app下载拉丁人协会(BLS). 视觉上 of 多元文化学生组织 is to shift from its exclusiveness and to bring together students of ALL cultures for the purpose of building awareness and promoting ysb体育官网app下载社区的多样性. 我们希望鼓励更好的种族关系和 为ysb体育官网app下载的校园反种族主义工作做出贡献.



P.E.A.C.E. 俱乐部

指导老师:Paul Neufeld Weaver, 419-358-3327

总统 安东•米勒
副总统 利亚鲍曼
秘书 指标Borgman
媒体 艾莉森Warnimont

P.E.A.C.E. 代表和平教育和行动社区努力. 组织的 purposes are to educate students about current peace-related and social justice issues and to encourage and organize appropriate action in response to these issues through 增强自我意识感的努力. 




指导老师:Megan Coffman, 419-358-3376

同伴意识领袖(朋友) is a student-led organization that coordinates programming 与今天的大学生相关. 比如健康的人际关系,物质 使用和滥用,心理健康,自杀意识和预防,缓解压力和 近年来,家庭暴力一直是各种事件的主题. 

朋友 members strive to be influential educators who bring a diverse awareness to the 校园社区,这样学生可以做出负责任的决定. 该组织是一个 ysb体育官网app下载学生生活办公室的延伸,由学生志愿者组成.



指导老师:Zac Lykins, (419) 358-3022

The ysb体育官网app下载 石头剪刀布联盟 is a 有竞争力的奢望 league that was created in order to build 朋友hips and meet new people, while having fun with 有竞争力的奢望!



服务 is a service-oriented group which promotes missions and service 机会 适用于本地及其他地区的校外学生. 特别的校园使命意识 天,为校园社区服务的行为,以及春假服务旅行 计划和实施.

指导老师:Holly Metzger, 419-358-3297

总统: Adrianny苏亚雷斯/艾米丽Dienstberger 
副校长兼校园协调员: 艾米丽Dienstberger 
成员: 戴恩·奇尔斯,韦斯利·库恩





学生校友会 at ysb体育官网app下载, in accordance with the mission and goals of this institution, is committed to strengthening relationships between current students, alumni and the university, and developing an awareness of the importance 支持ysb体育官网app下载并保护它的传统. 其成员将 支持为学生和校友举办的活动,鼓励他们参与 interaction at such activities helping to cultivate relationships and to communicate 管理工作对大学的重要性.

Currently, this club is inactive, but can be reestablished at any time with an increase 在学生兴趣方面.



指导老师:Paige Jansen, (419) 358-3378

The 学生运动员咨询委员会(南非航空公司C) works closely with the student athletes 在哈特兰大学体育大会(HCAC)中发挥积极作用. 这使得学生运动员可以增强学生运动员的整体体验, protect student athlete well-being, and foster a positive image for student athletes 无论是在校园里还是在社区里. 2019年秋季,南航承办了青年之夜 where each sports team created an engaging activity for the youth of the community 整个晚上都和他们互动. 每学期,学院都会举办大量的校园活动 在不同的平台. 最近的活动包括一个ysb体育官网app下载心理健康的虚拟演讲, 还有玉米洞锦标赛. 每年南非航空公司C都会参加一个会议冠军赛 与我们当地的特殊奥林匹克运动员为一个HCAC保龄球冠军. 我们促进 and engage student athletes in discussion over current issues related to the realm 大学ysb体育官方网站. 南非航空公司C一直在寻找新成员加入活动计划 和/或在校园或社区做志愿者.



指导老师:Jonathan Andreas, 419-358-3290

The 可持续发展俱乐部 is a group of students that meets to coordinate efforts on 改善ysb体育官网app下载环境可持续性的项目. 成员 come from a variety of backgrounds, majors and interests, and one does not have to 在加入之前了解可持续发展. 该俱乐部注重合作 以学生为主导的可以改变ysb体育官网app下载的项目,以及教育学生群体 ysb体育官网app下载造物的有意识生活. 所承担的项目类型 club will vary depending on the various interests of members, but can include projects such as an annual Sustainability Report, energy saving challenges and an educational 周.

Currently, this club is inactive, but can be reestablished at any time with an increase 在学生兴趣方面.

>>> 可持续发展俱乐部网站



总统 科尔比Schlabach

The purpose of the 乒乓球俱乐部 is to provide a space for students to play table 网球,无论是竞技还是娱乐! 我们有来自很多地方的学生 of different skill levels, and hope to offer events such as tournaments where there 会是大奖. 我们希望在校园里建立一个乒乓球运动员社区 同时为学生提供一个玩耍的空间. 



指导老师:Darryl Nester, 419-358-3483

军官  稍后通知

The purpose of this club team is to have fun and fellowship while playing Ultimate 与ysb体育官网app下载以及其他学校的同学竞争飞盘. >>> 脸谱网


指导老师:Jason Swartzlander, 419-358-3406

This organization seeks to train, educate and mobilize youth activists committed to "winning on principle" and to cast the leaders of tomorrow and reclaim the policies, 我们政府的候选人和方向. 

Currently, this club is inactive, but can be reestablished at any time with an increase 在学生兴趣方面.



指导老师:Perry Bush, 419-358-3278

ysb体育官网app下载青年民主党的宗旨是追求理想 人人享有自由、正义和自由.  对这些想法的追求是通过支持实现的 民主党及其思想、理想和候选人.

Currently, this club is inactive, but can be reestablished at any time with an increase 在学生兴趣方面.